Islamic Studies & Youth Classes 


"The overall classroom atmosphere is very supportive, and our teacher is very knowledgeable. I genuinely enjoy coming to class every day."

"The Islamic classes gave me an insight into what  things in daily life I can and have to change to get closer to Allah ."

"The classes with Dr. Haifaa were more than beneficial to me personally and I learned a lot over the 6 week course. I have since implemented all topics that applied to me, into my life and will continue to try and be the best muslim I can be to please Allah  and reach Jannah."

"The Tazkiya courses' benefit is evident in my daily life. Questions like these are now in my head: am I really telling the truth? What is my intention? How do I get have rid of these negative feelings? This course is allowing me, Alhamdulilah, to dig deep down and really focus on introspection like I've never before."

"The class topics were beneficial, and the impact it gave me is that I am a little more mindful with my actions and I remember the teachings I had with the Jannah Institute courses I’ve taken."

"Who knew that following the Sunnah can be so easy to implement every day. What an enormity of opportunities of following the Sunnah I have missed in the past - just like something as simple as drinking in 3 sips instead of one gulp! I've learned that Sunnah is not just extra prayers, rather, it is being conscious in how I can make my everyday tasks mimic RasoolAllah ﷺ's."