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You can now take courses at your own pace to learn about topics like Tafseer, Tazkiya (purification of the heart), Qur'an, and so much more!

We’re happy to announce our first course: Learn, Love, Live the Qur'an, taught by Dr. ShHaifaa Younis. Further courses will be updated in due course.

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"For whomever Allah wants good, he gives him understanding in the religion."

(Tirmidhi 2645)

"I attended many tafseer courses before but this one was unique in the way it was delivered. What I really loved about it is how Dr Haifaa brought these ayahs to life by showing us how we can apply these ayahs to our everyday life. There was lots of interaction, lots of thought provoking questions, and best of all every class left me reflecting on my actions and asking myself "how does this ayah apply to me? What can I do to live this ayah?". Even to this day, when I read these surahs, the lessons (and Dr Haifa's voice) are still fresh in my mind."
- Tahnia





"I loved doing this course as it enabled me to study the Qur’an in a way that made me fall in love with it. I learnt to understand the verses and how they reflect on the creation around us. Allah SWT gives us examples in the Qur’an with things that we would be able to comprehend. This course enabled me to learn and reflect on such verses, then to apply it in my life. Alhamdulillah, Dr. Haifa makes you fall in love with Allah's beautiful words and in return you start living the Qur’an."
- Umm M





I started the course with a mindset that I was going to learn a formula on how I can reflect and implement the Qur’anic ayah’s. I attended quite a few similar courses in the past and did not make much progress. But Dr Haifah’s course totally changed my perspective! Dr Haifaa taught me that the key to learning and living the Qur’an was not in a methodology or formula but rather it is dependent on the state of my heart and how prepared I am to dive deep in the ocean to collect the gems of the ayahs! Through the course, I changed my perspective and my approach. The practical session on living the ayah’s especially from Juz Amma was very enlightening, especially Surah Ikhlas. I was able to truly comprehend the meaning of Al-Ahad (The One) and how I go about depending only on He (SWT), Al-Ahad!
- Happy Khatun