Jannah Institute is an Islamic educational institution that strives to spread the light of sacred knowledge to the hearts and homes of Muslim women across the globe. For women by women seeking His ﷻ pleasure alone. 

We offer classes on sacred knowledge, spiritual retreats, and Umrah packages. Join us and share in the khair.

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Ramadan Series
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The Qur'an Has It All

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Year of Knowledge Self-Paced

Learn what every Muslim woman should know-at your own pace.

Year of Knowledge

A year of discovery! Live classes where you learn what every Muslim woman needs to know from qualified teachers.

Rivers of Jannah

Curated Qur’an classes for every level.

The Seeker's Journey

Learning at your own pace, we’ll meet you where you are.

Qur'anic Arabic

Qur’anic comprehension accessible, connect to The Book of your Lord.

Islamic Studies

Sacred knowledge at your fingertips and through your screen.

Our Journey, Our Story, Our Progress.

Read about our programs, our achievements, Alhamdulillah, and what our students have to say.

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