Rivers of Jannah

A vision for teaching and learning the Qur’an. To imbibe the Words of Allah Most Exalted in this life. To partake from the Rivers of Paradise in the next Life.
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The Four Rivers of Jannah

Inspiration taken from Surah Muhammed (47:15)

مثل الجنة التى وُعد المتقون

“A parable of the Garden which the righteous have been promised….”



فيها أنهٰر من ماء غير ءاسن

“In it are rivers of water unaltered”


Perfecting Recitation 

و أنهٰر من لبن لم يتغير طعمه

“And rivers of milk the taste of which never changes”



وأنهٰر من خمر لذة للشٰربين

“And rivers of wine, a joy to those who drink”


Review and Consolidation

و أنهٰر من عسل مصفى

“And rivers of honey, pure and clear”


ولهم فيها من كل الثمرت و مغفرة من ربهم

“And they will have in it from all [kinds of] fruits,
 and forgiveness from their Lord…..”

To complete the beautiful ayah, we offer a course in “all kinds of Fruits”: The Ten Authentic Variant Recitations of the Qur’an
(العشرة الصغرى والكبرى)

Tajweed Stream

“In it are rivers of water unaltered”


Just as water forms the basis of life, the Tajweed Stream at Jannah Institute ensures a solid basis for our students to begin their Quran journey with. Going into detail regarding tajweed rules, it is ideal for those looking to specialize in tajweed study and eventually, teaching.

  • Foundation Level

Recognizing the Arabic alphabet and reading Qura’nic words

  • Level One

Articulation points of letters, Rules of Noon/Meem/Laam Sakinaat, al-Mudood (Lengthenings)

  • Level Two

Characteristics of letters, Heaviness and Lightness of letters, Types of Assimilation (al-Idghamaat), Accent (al-Nebr), The Connecting Hamzah

  • Level Three

Stopping and starting, Stopping on the ends of words, Qur’anic Script

(Shaykha Kareema Czerepinski’s three-part series Tajweed Rules of the Quran are the course books for this stream)

Perfecting Recitation Stream

تحسين التلاوة
“And rivers of milk the taste of which never changes”
  • Like milk in its whiteness and purity, the Perfecting Recitation Stream seeks to enable the Qur’an to “flow” on the tongues of its reciters. With extra emphasis on fluency and accuracy of recitation, it makes no compromise with the application of established tajweed rules.
  • This stream is ideal for those who wish to improve and perfect their recitation of the Quran without going into details of tajweed theory.
  • After this stream, students have the option of moving to the Memorization Stream, or can continue to perfect their recitation by remaining in this Stream.

Memorization Stream

“And rivers of wine, a joy to those who drink”
  • Rivers of Jannah welcomes students to its Memorization Stream, open to those who wish to commit the Words of Allah to heart. A journey whose joy can be tasted fully only by those honored and chosen by Allah to imbibe His Words.
  • As the Qur’an should be recited and memorized as it was revealed to the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم, we encourage our hifz students to ensure they have the recitation skills in place to begin this blessed journey. Hence this stream is open to students who are proficient in application of minimum Level One tajweed rules.

Review and Consolidation Stream

المراجعة و التثبيت
“And rivers of honey, pure and clear”
  • The process of review and consolidation is essential to the journey of memorization and tasting the true sweetness of the Qur’an. At Jannah Institute, we recognize and cater to this requirement though this stream.
  • After finishing a set of five ajza, the concerned class teacher can dedicate a few weeks, or a whole semester for intensive review.
  • As the number of ajza builds up for our hifz students, the review classes will likewise reflect this in terms of how many ajza are reviewed per semester. Special emphasis will be laid on recognizing similar ayaat (al-mutashabihaat) across ajza, an essential area for huffaz of the Qur’an.