Year of Knowledge




"Allah swt will always teach us it’s not our planning الحمد لله رب العالمين. 

It was an honor responding to Allah invitation to visit His house. The way He Wills it, The time He wills it and However He wills it. Blessed to be part of Jannah institute year of knowledge with my lovely sisters in this journey."

"In my fifty years, there has hardly been any other Islamic studies course that I have done that has impacted my life as deeply as the Year of Knowledge at Jannah Institute. It has improved my relationship with my Lord Most Mighty and Merciful, and my relationship with His Creation, wa alhamdulillah. It makes me think of the Hadith in which our Beloved Prophet وسلم عليه هللا صلى is reported to have said: “When Allah desires good for a servant, He ‘honeys’ him.” He was asked what ‘honeying him’ means. He explained,”He opens the door to good deeds for him before his death, then He causes him to die in that state.” (الجامع صحيح)

"The program gave me so much insight into my deen, first who is Allah ﷻ and then applying this knowledge in Tazkiyah. Hadith showed me Islam in practice, and Fiqh has helped me to improve my Salah and increase my connection with Allah ﷻ. The class sessions and dialogue with Dr. Sh. Haifaa and students were most beneficial in addition to the homework assignments. By expecting a lot from us as students,  Dr. Sh. Haifaa and the teacher assistants made us put effort and of course for the pleasure of Allah ﷻ."

"The program exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the teaching style of Dr. Sh. Haifaa. Especially the way she related the topics with practical examples instead of merely learning theory. For me, it's a life training of recognizing the deficiencies and sins in my life and providing the means to correct my faults."

"The Year of Knowledge program has really made me passionate about learning Allah's deen - it has helped revive that connection that I was seeking. The way Dr. Sh. Haifaa explains the subject material is fantastic - and it is very evident that she cares deeply about her students. Everyone in charge of the program has been magnificent in their attitude and their guidance."

"The program exceeded my expectations, MashaAllah. I was expecting to learn about the five subjects, but I didn’t expect to also get lessons on other matters, such as how to control our nafs, tips to make us better students, how to take practical lessons from what we’re learning to apply to our own lives, etc."

"I feel so lucky that I was able to get into this program - I just don't want it to end. In the way it is structured I am pleasantly amazed at how much material we have covered in such a short space of time, alhamdulillah. Most importantly, it has helped me become more aware of what my roles and responsibilities are as a Muslim woman."

"The program was very comprehensive, intellectually stimulating and thorough. I enjoyed the quick review at the beginning of almost every session which helped solidify the knowledge we were learning. Dr. Sh. Haifaa made sure we were learning as well as understanding the topics that were covered, but also practicing what we were learning."

"The Year of Knowledge program was an answer to my prayers, but Allah's answer surpassed anything I expected. The content is outstanding, the teachers are deeply invested in us and nurture our growth. Above all, I feel pushed to question myself and awaken to urgency of growing closer to Allah ﷻ."

"The Year of Knowledge program not only met my expectations, it went beyond them. I was expecting just one course that would tell me all I needed to know about Islam. To see that there are five wonderful courses, each focusing on a very vital part of Islam was so amazing, alhamdulilah. With every class, I would learn so much! I felt like I could improve every single day and get closer to Allah ﷻ with every class I attended."

"The journey of knowledge in the Year of Knowledge program helped me to learn more about Allah ﷻ and be closer to Him ﷻ . I always felt that I was missing something in my relationship with Allah ﷻ. Now I know it was the lack of Knowledge of Him ﷻ  and of my deen. When I see people submit to Allah ﷻ with love, without excuses, I ask myself why I can’t submit like them. My journey of the Year of Knowledge has increased my knowledge of Allah ﷻ  and enlightened my vision and insight."

"I wish I had this knowledge 20 years ago, because my life would have changed then. Of course, now I know that Allah ﷻ has His wisdom and plans to choose the right time for me to learn. It is so fulfilling to my sisters learning at a younger age, when they have time ahead to increase their knowledge and apply what they learn, Insha’Allah."

"I’m so grateful to Allah ﷻ for guiding, putting, and dragging me with His mercy and grace to this program. May Allah open more doors and ways to seek His knowledge and help me to continue this journey."

"This year was a big turning point in my life because I can confidently say that I’m resetting my priorities, I’m alert, and I feel like I’m alive after so many years of heedlessness. As Allah ﷻ says in His book: 

'Can those who had been dead, to whom We gave life and a light with which they can walk among people, be compared to those in complete darkness from which they can never emerge? That is how the misdeeds of the disbelievers have been made appealing to them.'" (6:122)