Rivers of Jannah & Quranic Arabic


"Subhanullah I enjoyed connecting with sisters who are seeking to learn about the Quran and get closer to Allah swt. Most of all I enjoyed learning from Ustadha Nezha who was always patient and showed her love of the Quran. Subhanullah words cannot express the gratitude I have to Allah swt, Jannah Institue and Ustadha Nezha for this course and connecting with the Quran and all the lovely sisters. Mashaallah. May Allah swt continue to bless this effort and allow it to reach even more sisters. Ameen"
"I appreciated the motivational reminders as well the tips and advice to help us in our hifdh journey. I also loved meeting sisters from all around the world and listening to them recite. It was inspiring to see sisters of all ages and backgrounds trying to do hifdh despite facing the many struggles of daily life."

"The teacher is constantly correcting our Tajweed. She never lets things slide by. I love that."

"I love being connected with the Best Book in the World: The Quran. Because of the study of Tajweed I get to enjoy the beauty of the Quranic script and the jazaria adds rythem to it. Never had I seen or read the words of Almighty this way before the way I’m reading now. Alhamdulilah. Good job, Jannah Institute."

"I love everything about my class at Jannah Institute, alhamdililah! I got the confidence to read Qur'an. I thought I could never read the Quran properly. It helped me to open my Quran every day with love."

"I like the concern shown by my teacher in her dedication to teaching."

"The teacher and the other students are so patient and encouraging. Alhamdililah, amazing atmosphere to learn."