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Trials: Break or Strengthen?

Course Description:

We have been created to be tested and tempted on almost a daily basis in our life. Sometimes we are also tempted by the desires of our own ego (nafs) or Shaytaan makes things that are forbidden look attractive for us. 

Other times, Allah ﷻ tests us with a  trial to reveal the quality and sincerity of our relationship with Him ﷻ. Throughout the Quran, Allah ﷻ. reminds us that many people before us have suffered and had their faith tested; so too will we be tried and tested in this life. During these times, it is certainly difficult for a person not to feel helpless and sad. Our beliefs in such vulnerable states may become overpowered by feelings of the moment resulting in the weakening of our faith. Some of us start questioning the fairness and wisdom underlying such divine decisions while others get caught up in a ‘blame game’. We may also find ourselves stuck and face difficulty looking forward.

Islam teaches us to stay in control by hanging on to the Mercy of Allah ﷻ. The Believers are called to put their trust in Allah ﷻ, and not to fall into despair or hopelessness. As Muslims we should know and understand the Quran’s message and the Prophet’s ﷺ guidance on how we deal with tests and trials as as our reactions can breaks us or makes us stronger.

Join us in the Trials: Break or Strengthen? course, and learn how to deal with the good and the bad times in a way that is pleasing to Allah.

In this course we will cover:

Week 1: What are trials and temptations?

Week 2: Trials and temptations in the Qur’an 

Week 3: The best of creation got tested 

Week 4: How to deal with trials and temptations?


Dr. Sh. Haifaa Younis

Teacher Assistant: 

Norita Afridiana 


Saturdays, 9:00-10:30 AM CT


4 weeks


June 25, 2022 - July 23, 2022 

(No Class on July 9th due to Eid Al Adha)

Further Details: 

The format of this class will be a lecture-style presentation with an opportunity to ask questions at the end. This class will be conducted live on Zoom and recordings will be available for up to 6 months from the date of the last class. Classroom will be located on www.jannahinstitute.org.

For further details email [email protected].