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A Silent Struggle Many Muslim Women Face

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!
Do you ever feel that:
- Your spiritual journey to become a better Muslim woman is at odds with your daily life responsibilities?
- You just want to get closer to Allah ﷻ but are not sure how to do it in a way that fits your schedule or life?
- Maybe you want to seek knowledge, but are not sure where to begin with so much information out there?

We understand the difficulties Muslim women face in trying to balance their religious obligations with their personal responsibilities.

The desire to get closer to Allah and understand your Deen better, often gets pushed aside by the pressures of work, family, school or just confusion and self-doubt.

Unfortunately, this imbalance could leave you feeling guilty and overwhelmed.

You might feel like you're falling short in your spiritual growth or failing to fulfill your responsibilities.

It’s a tough situation.

"Mu'awiya reported God’s messenger as saying, “When God wishes good for anyone He instructs him in the religion."

(Bukhari and Muslim)


We believe that no one should have to sacrifice getting closer to Allah ﷻ or their responsibilities (which themselves are an act of ibadah if done for the sake of Allah ﷻ).

For the last several months, we have been working diligently to present the solution for you.

Yes! I'm ready to grow closer to Allah

Today, we present a solution that:

1. Aligns with your pursuit of knowledge

2. Meets your desire to get closer to Allah

3. Fits your daily life


This course is our Zoom recorded sessions of the previous LIVE Year of Knowledge Program and taught in English. 


And like the live course, it is designed to help you become the Muslim woman you always aspired to be, and more importantly, the one Allah ﷻ wants you to be.

This course is organizedstructured and designed to help you:

1. Learn your Deen

2. Get closer to Allahﷻ


All in your own timing and at your own pace. 


As you probably already know, our LIVE program fills up very quickly and often has a very long wait list. Now you can skip the wait altogether, or use this course as preparation for joining the live course later.

Yes! I'm ready to grow closer to Allah

Meet Your Instructor: Shaykha Dr. Haifaa Younis

Your Instructor and guide in this program will be none other than Shaykha Dr. Haifaa Younis.

Sh. Dr. Haifaa Younis is an American Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist with roots from Iraq. She is the founder and Chairman at Jannah Institute, and a resident scholar at Jannah institute and the Islamic Center of Irvine (ICOI).

Dr. Younis graduated from the Mecca Institute of Islamic Studies and Al-Huda Qur’an Memorization School (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) where she completed the memorization of the Qur’an. Currently, she lives and works in the United States, and teaches various Islamic studies courses with a focus on purification of the heart (Tazkiyah), nationally and internationally.


The 60-week (self-paced) online course covers five crucial aspects of our deen and is presented by women for women who understand our challenges.


During this course, students will study the core of Islamic beliefs in detail. The course will cover the six basic principles of Iman (belief) in detail, as well as how our beliefs affect us and improve the quality of our relationship with Allah, as well as how to apply them in our everyday lives.


This course will help you connect with the Book of Allah ﷻ on a deeper level, and understand it from different angles. Through this course, you will finally get answers related to revelation and arrangement of the Qur’an, its miraculous nature, etiquettes of its recitation and much more.


Through this course, your love towards the Prophet ﷺ will increase immensely, because you will finally learn and understand better the wisdom and guidance behind his ﷺ sayings and actions. By immersing yourself in understanding the Prophet Muhammad's ﷺ heritage, you will cultivate a profound bond with him ﷺ as you discover practical ways to incorporate his ﷺ Sunnah into your everyday life.


In this course, you will learn your obligations towards Allah ﷻ by studying rulings related to everyday acts of worship of Allah ﷻ (ibaadah). You will learn about purification, the prayers (salah), the fasting (siyam), giving zakah and performing hajj and ‘umrah, from the perspective of four schools of thought (madhhabs) – Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali.


This course will be your one-of-a-kind trip to self-discovery, and a start of your divine journey towards Allahﷻ. You will learn how to see the world from a different perspective, as well as what are the different levels on your unique path to Allah ﷻ.  Through self-reflection, training of your ego (nafs), and learning what brings your hearts closer to Allah ﷻ, you will also learn how to distance yourself from lower vices which block you on the path to Allah’s ﷻ mercy and forgiveness.



Weekly Drip Release


We know that receiving 60 weeks of content at once can be overwhelming, so we have designed the course to drip 5 hours of content weekly. You will get 45 min - 1 hour of content per subject each week to help you stay focused and on track, without getting overwhelmed.

Course Planners


Course planners help you navigate through the lessons and what you’ll be covering throughout the whole year. 

They are also the source where you will find the reading pages for each class.


Practical Implementation


This course provides guidance in a way that is practical to implement in your daily life, and not some abstract and out of reach expectations.




Lifetime Access


No need to rush through the course, because your access will continue for the life of the organization and this program, bi idhnillah.



All the books you need are provided in PDF format and translated into English. All lessons are taught using traditional classical books written by classical scholars.


Lesson - How To Keep Going If It Gets Tough

We know that life tests will come in seeking knowledge. This lesson will help you stay the course.


Telegram Group


This is a group where you and your fellow sisters in the program can connect and even form your own study groups if you’d like.



Slides & Summaries


We have prepared slides or summaries for almost every topic that will be covered in the classes. This will help you understand the topics better, and learn the main points and lessons from each topic that is covered in the program.

Live Group QA Sessions with Sh. Dr. Haifaa Younis


We know that in a self-paced learning mode, you will have some questions on the content. So we’ve included 6 Live Group QA Sessions with Sh. Haifaa to support you on this journey.

Yes! I am ready to get closer to Allah

What Our Students Say About The Year of Knowledge Program

 *student reviews from Live Year of Knowledge Program 



With the Year of Knowledge, Self-Paced Program, you can experience the life-changing transformation that hundreds of our live students experience.

Not only will you learn your deen and get closer to Allah ﷻ, but you'll also learn how to deal with daily challenges in a way that is pleasing to Allah ﷻ.

No more feeling guilty that you are not doing enough or that you can't seek knowledge without neglecting other responsibilities or vice versa.

Now you can make an effort even if it is small (but consistent).

A'isha, may Allah be pleased with her, is reported to have said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ was asked about the act most pleasing to Allah. He replied: “That which is done continuously, even if it is small.” (Sahih Muslim, 782b)

You don’t have to leave your home, or know Arabic.

You just need the desire and passion and insha'Allah Allah ﷻ will make it easy for you.

Yes! I am ready to get closer to Allah


Alhamdulilah we are very confident that our program will help you on this journey of getting closer to Allah and transforming your life for the better based on witnessing the life-changing transformations of hundreds of current and past students.

Students are eligible for a 100% refund within the first week of purchase.


When you register for the 'Year of Knowledge: Self-Paced Program', you're not just signing up for a course. You're gaining access to comprehensive Islamic education that fits into your schedule, not the other way around.

The program's self-paced nature means you can learn in your own time, whenever and wherever you're able to.

No more worrying about fitting rigid class schedules into your busy life. Plus, with the immediate access to the course portal and the lifetime access bonus, you're not just buying a course; you're making a one-time investment for a lifelong source of knowledge.

At this point, you probably know that something has to change if you want to get closer to Allah ﷻ. Alhamdulillah now you have the opportunity to make that change.

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