Miftaah Institute Presents: Anchored by the Qur'an on October 15th, 2022


Why should you attend this conference?

As many are challenged by different hardships and distractions, it's important that we remain anchored through a proven system; the teachings of the Qur'an. The teachings of the Qur'an were not just meant for the first few generations, rather they were meant for all of humanity for all of time, serving as an anchor for us in every single situation.
During our next conference in collaboration with the Institute of Knowledge and Jannah Institute  held in Garden Grove, California, we will go over various stories and concepts from the Qur'an, with different scholars, such as Imam Suhaib Webb, Shaykh Abdullah Waheed, Shaykh Farhan Zubairi, Dr. Haifaa Younis, Ustadh Ubaydallah Evans, and more.
In this day and age, it is most important to remain anchored by the Qur'an. 
Please join us on October 15th, 2022 at the Delta Hotel in Garden Grove, CA. 
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